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We At ThesisPub understand the burden on the medical student, having clinical rotations and at the same time preparing for the exam, they have little time to spare for anything if at all their thesis work. we intend to ease the burden. When a candidate approaches us for medical thesis writing help, we take two steps further in helping out the student. The diversity of subjects we offer as well as the skillset of our experts allows us to assure you that you are in the right place. When it comes to thesis writing, no one does it better than ThesisPub writing. Our services are as usual professional along with following strict time management. With that being said, we happen to have a competitive edge over our competitors by providing thesis-writing services with as much research as possible, leaving behind no gaps of any shortcomings whatsoever. Following a specific set of principles an a protocol, allows us to provide services like no other.


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Basic Thesis Guidelines To Follow

Title– A good title should be brief, clear, and focus on the central theme of the topic; it

should avoid abbreviations. The Title should effectively summarize the proposed

research and should contain the PICO elements.

Introduction– It should be focused on the research question and should be directly

relevant to the objectives of your study.

Review of Literature – The Review should include a description of the most relevant

and recent studies published on the subject.

Aim and Objectives – The ‘Aim’ refers to what would be broadly achieved by this study

or how this study would address a bigger question / issue.

The ‘Objectives’ of the research stem from the research question formulated and

should at least include participants, intervention, evaluation, design.

Material and Methods– This section should include the following 10 elements: Study

setting (area), Study duration; Study design (descriptive, case-control, cohort,

diagnostic accuracy, experimental (randomized/non-randomized)); Study sample

(inclusion/exclusion criteria, method of selection), Intervention, if any, Data collection,

Outcome measures (primary and secondary), Sample size, Data management and

Statistical analysis, and Ethical issues (Ethical clearance, Informed consent, trial


Results– Results should be organized in readily identifiable sections having correct

analysis of data and presented in appropriate charts, tables, graphs and diagram etc.Discussion–It should start by summarizing the results for primary and secondary

objectives in text form (without giving data). This should be followed by a comparison

of your results on the outcome variables (both primary and secondary) with those of

earlier research studies.

Summary and Conclusion– This should be a précis of the findings of the thesis,

arranged in four paragraphs: (a) background and objectives; (b) methods; (c) results;

and (d) conclusions. The conclusions should strictly pertain to the findings of the thesis

and not outside its domain.

References– Relevant References should be cited in the text of the protocol (in


Intro and ROL Discussion- Only contemporary and relevant literature may be reviewed. Restrict the

introduction to 2 pages, Review of literature to 10-12 pages, and Discussion to

8-10 pages.